6 Dos and Don'ts for Cold Weather Hair Care

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder, and most likely, your hair is getting drier.

Don’t feel bad--it happens to all of us! During the winter, cold and dry air can wreak havoc on our strands. These conditions can suck out moisture, leaving your locks in need of some serious TLC. Without it, you’ll be dealing with split ends and breakage.

Want to skip damaged hair this winter? Here are our 6 dos and don’ts for keeping your hair healthy and gorgeous as the weather gets colder.

How To Keep your Hair Healthy This Winter

3 Things To Do For Your Hair In Cold Weather

Try Hair Oil
Want to combat the winter dryness that causes your hair to become brittle and damaged? Try incorporating hair oil into your routine. Hair oils are a heat-protectant when you’re styling, an ultra-rich leave-in hair mask, and can even lay down flyaways for a sleek style.

Argan oil is an amazing hair oil that has earned its reputation as “liquid gold.” It’s chock full of fatty acids, antioxidants, and Vitamin E that work together to strengthen your strands so they retain moisture and resist breakage. Argan oil works so well in hair because it contains oleic acid and linoleic acid. These acids smooth your hair shaft, making your hair shiny and healthy at the same time.

Argan oil is also an effective heat protectant for when you’re curling or straightening your hair. Simply set up your bathroom sink cover, grab your styling tools, and rub a few drops of argan oil between your palms. Then fun your fingers throughout your hair, concentrating on the ends and avoiding the roots. This will protect your hair from damaging heat while keeping your style sleek and gorgeous all day. A win-win!

Some other great hair oils for cold weather are:
● Coconut oil
● Avocado oil
● Lemongrass oil
● Grapeseed oil

Deep Condition Once A Week
When it comes to self-care, you can’t forget about your hair! To combat dry, cold weather, make sure to stick to a weekly deep conditioning schedule. Hair treatments can help replace moisture that has been sucked out of your hair, repairing damage and preventing further breakage.

So once a week, make sure to do a deep conditioning treatment. You can use products made for this, like a moisturizing mask, or you can simply slather your favorite conditioner from roots to ends and let it sit for 30-60 minutes. Your thirsty hair strands will soak up that extra moisture. When you’re done, rinse it out and enjoy your healthy, moisturized locks.

Skip the Chemicals

The winter is also a good time to skip chemical straighteners like Keratin. The less chemicals you put in your hair during the winter, the better. Often they weaken your hair shaft, which leads to more dryness and breakage.

3 Hair Mistakes To Avoid This Winter

Don’t Go Outside With Wet Hair
When you were a kid, your mom probably told you never to go outside in the winter with wet hair. While they were most likely afraid that you’d catch a cold, the real reason you shouldn’t leave the house with wet locks is because it’s actually really bad for your hair.

Why is that? Because when water freezes, it expands. So when your strands are soaked with water and you go out into freezing temperatures, your hair will expand with the freezing water it holds. This literally breaks the hair.

So instead of heading out the door with wet or damp hair, make sure to either wash your hair at night or use a blowdryer. But since heat tools can also be damaging, always remember to use a heat protectant. After you set up your bathroom sink cover to protect your drain from loose strands, spritz heat protectant from roots to tips. Brush it out and blow-dry away.

Don’t Take Too Many Hot Showers
Honestly, some days there’s nothing better than a steaming hot shower.

But in the winter, too much hot water can actually be bad for your hair and skin. The heat opens up your pores and hair shaft, releasing needed moisture. So while hot showers may feel amazing in the moment, they can make your hair dry and brittle.

When you’re washing and conditioning your hair, make sure to turn the water temperature down. Ideally, it’s best to rinse hair with cold water, but if you absolutely can’t handle that, at least make sure it’s luke warm. And of course, always remember to use plenty of conditioner in the winter to replace lost moisture.

It’s also important not to wash your hair too much in the winter. This can strip it of natural oils that protect your strands. To play it safe, wash your hair only every 3-5 days--or longer if you can! Dry shampoo will be your best friend.

If you absolutely can’t give up your hot showers, that’s ok. Just throw on a shower cap and remember to replenish your skin with a nice thick lotion after you get out.

Don’t Forget A Hat
This probably sounds like another thing your mom would say when you were a kid. Who knew moms were so concerned about our hair health?

Hats do much more than keeping our ears and head warm and cozy when it’s cold outside. When your hat is lined with the right material, it can also help your hair health.

First of all, by shielding your hair and scalp from cold, dry air, a hat can help you avoid unnecessary exposure to winter weather. But when your hat is lined with silk or satin, it can also help to cut down on static and prevent breakage. If you have curly or natural hair, try applying some hair oil before you put your hat on, as well. This adds an extra layer of hydration and protection which will keep your locks beautiful and moisturized.

Keep Your Hair Healthy This Winter
As the weather gets colder and the air gets drier, it’s important to pay a little extra attention to your hair. Follow these dos and don’ts and your hair this winter will be healthier, shinier, and more beautiful than ever before.

Ready for happy, healthy hair? Then you need the right tools. Don’t forget to grab your SYNKBIB™ and heat protectant everytime you blow dry, curl, or straighten your hair this winter. Our eco-friendly sink cover helps you protect your drain from clogging while you protect your hair from frying. Plus, it adds much needed counter space as you get glam.

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