Product Description

SYNKBIB is an eco-friendly sink cover, designed to keep hair out of your bathroom sink and instantly give you move space! The cover completely covers the sink, not just the drain. SYNKBIB is made with a premium blend of polyester/nylon materials that make it both waterproof and fire-retardant. 

Now you can enjoy styling your hair without the stress of cleaning up another mess in your sink or your heat-producing styling tools burning it.

The cover fits a securely around the bathroom faucet and has 8" deep pockets along the front to hold hair styling tools, products or makeup.

The cover is lightweight and measures 30" by 30". Finished styling? Give it a quick and easy clean then fold and put away - your sink will be hair free every time.

Are you ready to style your hair without seeing it scatters all over the sink? No more cleaning grime from cheap drain inserts either! You'll save hundreds of dollars spent on plumbers due to clogged drains.

Let's make your beauty routine effortless and keep your sink a hair-free zone!