Your Hair is Your Crowning Glory

Like the queen that you are, you are meant to carry it with pride, dignity, and style! One challenge we encounter, however, is that while we are styling our hair, the drain gets clogged, leaving a mess we often detest. At SYNKBIB, we believe your hair is your crowning glory, but that doesn't mean it has to be all over your sink!

SYNKBIB is the eco-friendly, future-forward solution to keep your sink hairless! YOu can avoid hair clogging your drain with this simple, yet effective product that solved the problem, seamlessly. The innovative SYNKBIB makes styling hair convenient and mess-free.

We are customer-focused and designed the product with you in mind. No more annoyingly clogged drain while styling your hair. To make things even more convenient, SYNKBIB has compartments for go-to tools and products when you style your hair. It offers you an instant counter to spread out your styling or make-up supplies.

Our Company

SYNKBIB Company, LLC is a Chicago-based company that is behind the creation and distribution of SYNKBIB, the sink cover. SYNKBIB, the product is a stylish and convenient sink cover, that can be used to cover the sink, while styling your hair at home.

Our Product

SYNKBIB was designed when our Creator & Founder grew frustrated after at-home styling sessions left the bathroom sink covered in hair. After trying a few less than eco-friendly solutions, it was decided that something needed to be created that could be used more than once, and serve as a multi-purpose product. From there, SYNKBIB was born. SYNKBIB is meticulously designed to cover the sink completely, not just the drain. It secures around the sink using Velcro, it's waterproof, fire-resistant, and features 8-inch pockets to hold styling tools, thereby making the way for extra counter space. The product is eco-friendly and long-lasting. SYNKBIB has been tested with make-up artists and they have found it to be useful as an extra make-up counter in the bathroom. And because SYNKBIB is lightweight and easy to clean, it makes for a great travel companion when visiting a hotel or AirBnb!

Our Commitment

SYNKBIB Company, LLC is committed to sourcing quality products that meet the needs of our customers, while also being functional and stylish. If there is ever a problem or concern with our products, please contact us immediately.

Our Founder

Stephanie Womack has been called "a master problem solver" dedicated to providing solutions to everyday problems that affect women across the globe. SYNKBIB is one such solution. The product was born of necessity, as she always needed to keep a wide array of styling products and tools handy when styling her own natural hair. After detangling, washing,drying, combing, and applying rollers, her sink would be covered in hair and her sink was so tiny, she couldn't easily situate all her products to be easily accessible. SYNKBIB is the result of extensive research and development to take her idea from prototype to the product on the market today. Womack takes pride in SYNKBIB, knowing that the utility and quality of the product are unmatched.