Overwhelmed by Hair Products? Here's How to Simplify Your Routine

Would you consider yourself a (hair) product enthusiast? Shelves filled with a plethora of products that have either given you the best hair day ever or been full of empty promises of the perfect [insert hairstyle] or may be just “meh” at best? It can take a lot of trial and error to find the right mix of style, product and tools to help to achieve your “look.”

Honestly, most people rarely use a hair product on a daily basis and with the pandemic, we're sure it's even less. However that doesn’t stop the hair care industry from giving you choices, likely too many choices.

Even if you aren't a product hoarder, you likely have a few go-to's to achieve the various styles you rock. Whether you’re looking to start a new hair routine or simplify your routine, there are a couple of tips that might be helpful, especially if you are already starting with a bunch of products at your disposal.

Determine your hair type.

Is your hair thick and curly? Fine and straight? Loose or wavy? Tight coils? Maybe you even have more than one type of hair on the same head of hair! With so many choices and combinations, we found this “cheat sheet” from Allure that offers product suggestions based on hair type.

Identify your go-to style.

Take a look back over pictures (hello curated IG feed). What styles are you rocking the most? When were you “feeling yourself” the most? Take notes on these styles. Having a go-to style doesn't rule out trying something new, fun or flirty, it just gives you a home base, much like the concept of the personal uniform or capsule wardrobe.

Determine what products you have that make your go-to style really work.

Sometimes a good hairstyle is all in the proper prep work, like a certain wash technique or deep conditioning to ensure the proper amount of moisture with the finished product. Maybe it’s a certain shampoo, the right round brush for the perfect blowout or that twisting technique you saw on YouTube. If there are products/tools that make your hair more manageable during the styling process, take note and keep those in stock!

Get rid of anything you didn’t love after trying it a few times.

This is a fairly simple and straightforward tip. If it's in the back or bottom of your stockpile, toss it. Make room for the good stuff (or something new that works better).

Find a place to store your go-to products to make them more accessible to use more often.

Let's face it, hair can be temperamental, but if you show it the proper love and care, it will work in your favor (most of the time). But, trying your best to take the guess work out of your routine should also help. You will be more likely to use the products that work best for your hair if you have easy access to them on a regular basis. If you want more tips of how to organize your products, check out our post: 5 Organization Hacks for Your Hair and Beauty Products.

Whether you’re dealing with a lot of products or very few, it also helps to have a space for your products when you are ready to use them. In comes SYNKBIB, the stylish sink cover. The cover essentially transforms your open sink space into a covered space that can hold products and tools, keeping them within reach. It also features pockets along the front to give you even more space and keep you organized. 

Anything that can make a process easier, we're all for it. What are some tips you've used to simplify your hair care/styling routine?